Festival Hair and Makeup

Sunshine, good music, fun fashion, a few drinks and camping.
The British summer time is an excuse pack up and escape the city. The U.K, Europe and the rest of the world play host to so many different festivals and nowadays there is a festival to suit everyones taste. At the Painted Lady we can help you with your festival hair and makeup. And don’t forget bespoke festival nail art.

Festival Hair by Izumi
Festival Makeup by Micaela

Get the look

Once you have decided which festival you are off to,  the next big thing is to think about is….. What you are going to wear? And of course, your hair and makeup.
If you are going to  a weekend festival we would suggest having some braids.. They are easy care and look great after being slept on for a few days. They will last you a few days with no need to shampoo… If you dont fancy braids or prefer something more boho chic, you can also buy some great dry shampoos.  R+Co do a few with cool names like Death Valley and Skyline.  But our favourite is a new comer also by R+co called Spiritualized
It’s a dry shampoo mist which contains a revolutionary formula with micellar water, a magic ingredient which helps to cleanse your hair and scalp like a dry shampoo without leaving your hair feeling powdery.

Hair extentions by Izumi
Makeup by Micaela


From ’90s rave inspired hair and makeup to magical moon goddess, your festival look is only limited by your imagination!
If you are going to a day festival in London, or a weekend festival elsewhere, we can help you get festival ready.  Perfect glitter makeup, mermaid inspired nail art, a set of space glitter buns or cute braids to last the whole weekend.
Get in touch to find out about the package deals available.


Facepainting by Micaela
Hair by Izumi


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