Luscious Lips for Winter

(and all year round)

How to get smooth and soft lips

Our lips tend to take the brunt of harsh weather, and can easily get chapped, cracked and sore. There are plenty of clever ways to take care of them, however, and to fix any problems when they crop up. Once you’ve discovered these lip care hacks you’ll then be able to keep your lips soft and smooth all year long.

Natural Scrub

Make a natural lip scrub

First things first, let’s look at how to deal with dry lips. That flaky skin is oh-so tempting to pull off, but resist – that will more than likely lead to even sorer lips. It’s better to take a gentle approach, and remove dry skin with a homemade lip scrub that you massage into your lips.

All you need to do is mix together some sugar, honey and almond oil. The honey is a natural humectant, which means it attracts and retains moisture. So that part of the mixture will help keep your lips hydrated. The crystals of sugar help remove dead skin cells because they act as an exfoliator. The almond oil is moisturising and contains vitamin E, which is good for protection from sun damage.

Use a soft toothbrush

If you don’t want to use a lip scrub, there’s another way to gently buff away flakes of dry skin from your lips, and that’s with a toothbrush. Choose a soft bristle brush (like a kids’ brush) and gently work over your lips in a circular movement.

This acts as an exfoliating treatment. It’s something you can do in the morning and/or evening, before rinsing, drying and adding a layer of lip balm to your lips. Speaking of which…

Layer up the lip balm

Lip balm is your key tool in keeping your lips soft and smooth. It will help protect them when you’re out in the elements, and throughout the day and night when you’re at home too. Layer it on in the morning and evening, and top up during the day if necessary.

You might be wondering is Vaseline safe; petroleum jelly dangers are nothing to worry about, so you can put your mind at rest. There are no known common side effects with Vaseline. The answer to the question is Vaseline safe is yes, so you can slather it on.

Keep drinking

Specifically, water! Our skin is a reflection of our inner workings as much as it is a result of external factors, so it’s important to work from the inside out as well. The government recommends drinking six to eight glasses of water a day, and it’s best to sip this at regular intervals rather than downing it in one go. This will help keep your lips hydrated.

Remember, central heating indoors will be drying out your lips just like the bitter winds will be outdoors, so keep your fluids up whatever your plans. Pop on your lip balm too, whether you’re staying in or heading out, and your lips will thank you for it.

These four tips will help keep your lips smooth and soft no matter what the weather.

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