What made you want to become a hairdresser?  

From the age of 7 I would beg my parents for a ‘Girls World ‘ or ‘Bratz’ styling head to play with. My styling skills were still in their infancy back then,  But it stoked the fire for my hairdressing career. My little sister was also my guinea pig,  subjected to all my hair experiments she would have clips and brushes stuck in her hair every week.
At 14 I finally landed my first Saturday job in a salon and from that moment, my passion for hairdressing really started to shine through.  I knew I needed a career where I could be creative, be in the moment and also have a good old chat about anything and everything. But making my clients look and feel stunning is what gives me the most satisfaction. 

Where are you from originally and what made you come to London? 

I’m originally from guernsey in channel islands. It’s very beautiful but to quiet and small for me. I came to London so I could find my true identity and I feel I really have. Also who doesnt want to be able say they live and work in the big city of London! The fashion! The hair! Gives me life! 

What is your favourite service? 


From BRIGHT BOLD BEAUTIFUL. To your soft natural goodness!  I love a challenge and I will take anything on to achieve the best colour for you! 

Give us your favourite hairstyling or makeup tip. 

I love a bouncy blow dry to great that sky high volume and a strong beautiful bounce. To achieve this I use root spray and mouse and pincurl clips to make it last longer for you! 

Also I love to create a soft wave using a big tong and combing it out with a wide tooth combe. Or for textured beach waves I use straighteners to get it super tight and add texture powder and shake it all out 

Recommend somewhere in London to see/go 

Well I can’t recommend this enough DRAG BRUNCHES yassssssssss! Bottomless prosseco 2 course meal and drag queens performing for 3 hours! This is something everyone needs to go see! My faviroute drag queen is ore-ho keep your eyes peeled on there insta @diptheoreho

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