What made you want to become a hairdresser? 
Whenever I do my own hair, it always makes me feel so much more confident in myself. I was doing my own vintage styling before I started hairdressing and I wanted other people to feel the same way. Helping someone find a style that they love and that fills them with confidence is a wonderful feeling.

Where are you from originally and what made you come to London? 
I’m from Brixton, but no one ever seems to believe me.

What is your favourite service?
At the moment I am loving balayage because it always enhances the client’s natural colouring. It is one of the most customisable colour services available, so it’s always as individual as the client themselves.

Give us your favourite hairstyling or makeup tip
I love eyeliner. One of the most important things about applying eyeliner if you want a winged look is to keep your eyes open and look directly into the mirror. Never pull your skin because your face won’t look that way when you’re relaxed, that way you’ll always have a balanced and sharp winged liner.

Recommend somewhere in London to see/go 
I love walking along the Thames, it’s ever-changing from East to West. I always tell people to look up when they walk along London’s older streets, because then you’ll see all the incredible architecture. One of my top East London hangouts is Kansas Smitty’s for the live music and cocktails.

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