Meet Micaela

This week we have a few questions for Micaela our talented makeup artist and junior hairstylist.

Why did you want to become a hairstylist?

I started my career in Italy as a makeup artist working in creative environments like theatre and fashion, then I decided to complete my skills with a hairdressing course in London to be able to make a professional full look with hair styling and makeup. 

Where are you from?

I’m from “Romeo and Juliette” city, Verona(Italy), a traditional and artistic town. I came in This beautiful international city to learn the avant-garde technique in hair & make-up and to share my passions with new people coming from around the world.

What is your favourite service?

I love the variety of my job you can play with, from hair cut to colour. I also like to share with my clients a special moments like weddings and events making the best total look. 

Do you have a makeup or hair tip to share with us?

I usually say that there is the right makeup for every occasion, as soon as you make a good base foundation respecting your skin type than you can play with all creative looks that make you feel beautiful! Just be yourself!

Where would you recommend to visit in London?

Go to have a walk at Regents Canal, you’ll see some of the cute little gardens that the houseboat owners have built for themselves. It’s also a quiet and relaxing street where you can see everything perfectly reflected on the canal water. Great for photo opportunities.

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Meet Rosina…

What made you want to become a hairdresser? 
Whenever I do my own hair, it always makes me feel so much more confident in myself. I was doing my own vintage styling before I started hairdressing and I wanted other people to feel the same way. Helping someone find a style that they love and that fills them with confidence is a wonderful feeling.

Where are you from originally and what made you come to London? 
I’m from Brixton, but no one ever seems to believe me.

What is your favourite service?
At the moment I am loving balayage because it always enhances the client’s natural colouring. It is one of the most customisable colour services available, so it’s always as individual as the client themselves.

Give us your favourite hairstyling or makeup tip
I love eyeliner. One of the most important things about applying eyeliner if you want a winged look is to keep your eyes open and look directly into the mirror. Never pull your skin because your face won’t look that way when you’re relaxed, that way you’ll always have a balanced and sharp winged liner.

Recommend somewhere in London to see/go 
I love walking along the Thames, it’s ever-changing from East to West. I always tell people to look up when they walk along London’s older streets, because then you’ll see all the incredible architecture. One of my top East London hangouts is Kansas Smitty’s for the live music and cocktails.

Rosina is offering £15 off her cut and finish or £25 colour services.

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Meet Jordan

What made you want to become a hairdresser?  

From the age of 7 I would beg my parents for a ‘Girls World ‘ or ‘Bratz’ styling head to play with. My styling skills were still in their infancy back then,  But it stoked the fire for my hairdressing career. My little sister was also my guinea pig,  subjected to all my hair experiments she would have clips and brushes stuck in her hair every week.
At 14 I finally landed my first Saturday job in a salon and from that moment, my passion for hairdressing really started to shine through.  I knew I needed a career where I could be creative, be in the moment and also have a good old chat about anything and everything. But making my clients look and feel stunning is what gives me the most satisfaction. 

Where are you from originally and what made you come to London? 

I’m originally from guernsey in channel islands. It’s very beautiful but to quiet and small for me. I came to London so I could find my true identity and I feel I really have. Also who doesnt want to be able say they live and work in the big city of London! The fashion! The hair! Gives me life! 

What is your favourite service? 


From BRIGHT BOLD BEAUTIFUL. To your soft natural goodness!  I love a challenge and I will take anything on to achieve the best colour for you! 

Give us your favourite hairstyling or makeup tip. 

I love a bouncy blow dry to great that sky high volume and a strong beautiful bounce. To achieve this I use root spray and mouse and pincurl clips to make it last longer for you! 

Also I love to create a soft wave using a big tong and combing it out with a wide tooth combe. Or for textured beach waves I use straighteners to get it super tight and add texture powder and shake it all out 

Recommend somewhere in London to see/go 

Well I can’t recommend this enough DRAG BRUNCHES yassssssssss! Bottomless prosseco 2 course meal and drag queens performing for 3 hours! This is something everyone needs to go see! My faviroute drag queen is ore-ho keep your eyes peeled on there insta @diptheoreho

This month we are offering £25 off hair services with Jordan.

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We are moving

After 10 wonderful years based on Redchurch Street, it’s time to have a change.
So, from the 22nd of July, we will be based in a new, exciting location amongst East London’s independent creative scene at Hackney Downs Studios.
Our new address is
Studio 42 
Hackney Downs Studios
17 Amhurst Terrace
e8 2BT
Our phone number  and booking system will remain the same.
Our last day on Redchurch street will be Saturday 20th July 2019
Our new website is (coming soon) 
Our fresha booking page is the same, and the painted Lady website will still be active for the meanwhile.
We want to say a heart felt thank you to all of you who have supported us over the last 10 years. 
We hope we can continue to see you from our new home in Hackney Downs Studios.

Love and thanks.

The team at 
Paint London
(The Painted Lady)

Studio 42
Hackney Downs Studios
17 Amhurst Terrace
E8 2BT

Luscious lips for winter

Luscious Lips for Winter

(and all year round)

How to get smooth and soft lips

Our lips tend to take the brunt of harsh weather, and can easily get chapped, cracked and sore. There are plenty of clever ways to take care of them, however, and to fix any problems when they crop up. Once you’ve discovered these lip care hacks you’ll then be able to keep your lips soft and smooth all year long.

Natural Scrub

Make a natural lip scrub

First things first, let’s look at how to deal with dry lips. That flaky skin is oh-so tempting to pull off, but resist – that will more than likely lead to even sorer lips. It’s better to take a gentle approach, and remove dry skin with a homemade lip scrub that you massage into your lips.

All you need to do is mix together some sugar, honey and almond oil. The honey is a natural humectant, which means it attracts and retains moisture. So that part of the mixture will help keep your lips hydrated. The crystals of sugar help remove dead skin cells because they act as an exfoliator. The almond oil is moisturising and contains vitamin E, which is good for protection from sun damage.

Use a soft toothbrush

If you don’t want to use a lip scrub, there’s another way to gently buff away flakes of dry skin from your lips, and that’s with a toothbrush. Choose a soft bristle brush (like a kids’ brush) and gently work over your lips in a circular movement.

This acts as an exfoliating treatment. It’s something you can do in the morning and/or evening, before rinsing, drying and adding a layer of lip balm to your lips. Speaking of which…

Layer up the lip balm

Lip balm is your key tool in keeping your lips soft and smooth. It will help protect them when you’re out in the elements, and throughout the day and night when you’re at home too. Layer it on in the morning and evening, and top up during the day if necessary.

You might be wondering is Vaseline safe; petroleum jelly dangers are nothing to worry about, so you can put your mind at rest. There are no known common side effects with Vaseline. The answer to the question is Vaseline safe is yes, so you can slather it on.

Keep drinking

Specifically, water! Our skin is a reflection of our inner workings as much as it is a result of external factors, so it’s important to work from the inside out as well. The government recommends drinking six to eight glasses of water a day, and it’s best to sip this at regular intervals rather than downing it in one go. This will help keep your lips hydrated.

Remember, central heating indoors will be drying out your lips just like the bitter winds will be outdoors, so keep your fluids up whatever your plans. Pop on your lip balm too, whether you’re staying in or heading out, and your lips will thank you for it.

These four tips will help keep your lips smooth and soft no matter what the weather.

Perfect Lips

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Top hair colour trends for Autumn 2018

Top hair colour trends for Autumn 2018


If you are thinking of having a colour change for Autumn. The Painted Lady team is on hand to recommended their tips, hints and top hair colour trends for autumn 2018.

Jordan says softening down your balayage to warm golden tones, coppers and gold is the best way to freshen up your surf and sun bleached locks after summer holidays.

top hair colour trends

Golden balayage

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Pier says  there is a move away from harsh platinum bleach outs with soft ash and midtone blondes being the way to go.  Tone your bleached hair with dark blonde tones, think cappuccino blondes and true ash blondes. Gone are the days of stark white bleach outs. Soften your bleach out and make the regrowth last a bit longer by using a mid blonde toner to create gorgeous honey and cool caramel or latte tones.

cool blonde

Cappuccino blonde

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Izumi says

Dark midnight blue highlights using crazy colour.  Gives beautiful texture to naturally dark base colours. Highlight chunky sections  of your hair and then tone down to create midnight blue or dark forest green hues. Subtle and beautiful but with a bit of an edge

Belinda says this autumns top hair colour trends are leaning towards strawberry blondes and translucent coppers giving lighter colours an etherial look..

hair colour trends

Strawberry blonde

or around and about in Shoreditch currently there is emerging  ’90s inspired colour block. This is when a block of blonde frames your  face. Think Ginger spice from the spice girls..

bleached hair colour trends

Colour block ’90s inspired hair

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Products we use.

We use eco friendly Italian brand Davines as our main colour brand. For the vegan crowd we can tone you locks with Evo an Australian brand that is cruelty free and vegan.
L’oreal professional range is also on offer.  Feel free to get in touch for a consultation with any of our team!





The rise of the festival

Festival Hair and Makeup

Sunshine, good music, fun fashion, a few drinks and camping.
The British summer time is an excuse pack up and escape the city. The U.K, Europe and the rest of the world play host to so many different festivals and nowadays there is a festival to suit everyones taste. At the Painted Lady we can help you with your festival hair and makeup. And don’t forget bespoke festival nail art.

Festival Hair by Izumi
Festival Makeup by Micaela

Get the look

Once you have decided which festival you are off to,  the next big thing is to think about is….. What you are going to wear? And of course, your hair and makeup.
If you are going to  a weekend festival we would suggest having some braids.. They are easy care and look great after being slept on for a few days. They will last you a few days with no need to shampoo… If you dont fancy braids or prefer something more boho chic, you can also buy some great dry shampoos.  R+Co do a few with cool names like Death Valley and Skyline.  But our favourite is a new comer also by R+co called Spiritualized
It’s a dry shampoo mist which contains a revolutionary formula with micellar water, a magic ingredient which helps to cleanse your hair and scalp like a dry shampoo without leaving your hair feeling powdery.

Hair extentions by Izumi
Makeup by Micaela


From ’90s rave inspired hair and makeup to magical moon goddess, your festival look is only limited by your imagination!
If you are going to a day festival in London, or a weekend festival elsewhere, we can help you get festival ready.  Perfect glitter makeup, mermaid inspired nail art, a set of space glitter buns or cute braids to last the whole weekend.
Get in touch to find out about the package deals available.


Facepainting by Micaela
Hair by Izumi



Wedding hair

Perfect wedding hair and makeup

Wedding season is in full swing. Whether you are a guest, a Bridesmaid, the groom or the Bride herself, it is important to make sure you look your best.  Here are some tips for achieving the wedding hair and makeup of your dreams on the big day.

wedding hair and makeup

Hair and Makeup by the Painted Lady team


Make a mood board

Having a mood board can be invaluable.  It helps to organise your ideas.  It is also great as a point of reference so you know you are on the same track as your stylist or makeup artist.  On your moodboard put all types of images you love. Different makeup looks, flowers you like, colours palates you like and different hairstyles that inspire you.

Wedding hair and makeup shoreditch

Men’s grooming is also important

Book a consultation

Make some time to visit your stylist. Every salon is different in terms of the times they recommend for your pre wedding visit. It is really what you feel comfortable.  We have some people who are extremely  organised and booking and making enquiries a year in advance and then others who book last minute 2 weeks in advance. (That is a little bit risky though)
During the consultation be ready to answer questions about what you like, what you don’t like and also to give a little input to your stylist about your themes and aspirations.

Plan your colour and haircut services.

Cuts, colours, beard trims, manicures and pedicures and and all pre wedding  beauty treatments need to be planned in advance.
Fingers and toes should be painted the day before. This is a lovely idea for pampering with some girl-friends or mates the day/evening before with a glass of Prosecco or a bottle of beer. We have package prices at the Painted Lady you can see them here.
Colour depending on what kind of colour you have we would recommend 1-2 weeks before.   If you are having extensions or a hair piece added to the updo, you can ask your stylist to tone the hairpiece so it matches your hair colour. It is always good to check with your hairstylist to make sure it will blend with your wedding hair colour.
If you are going for a more rock n roll bride look, then you may be having bright extentions or crazy colour. Be sure the colour is colour fast so it doesn’t run all over your perfect dress on the big day.
If you are having a trim, chat with your stylist about how it might affect your wedding hair or bridal updo.

We love seeing photos

We always love to see your professional images!  Please do send us some of your photos so we can see the finished look from your special day.

All wedding hair, makeup and flowers in this post were styled by the Painted Lady team



Cruelty free nails

Cruelty Free nails

At the Painted Lady we love to connect with other ethically minded brands. It’s also important for us to find the best brands to use on our clients. Brands that are honest and think about the world and everything in it.
So we have spent the last few months searching for outstanding cruelty free nail polishes that will deliver on performance as well as being earth conscious, health conscious and, of course, cruelty free.
We think we have found the best gel polish and it’s British made!.  We are excited to be able to start using it on you for your next cruelty free nails appointment.

Pink and red sparkles


Free from nasty chemicals

Brighton based brand  The Gel bottle  is free from these nasties…..Formaldehyde, Toluene, Dibutyl Phithalate, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor, Ethyl Tosylamide, Xylene, Triphenol Phosphate, Sulfate or Sulphate, Paraben
These products can cause irritations to your eyes, skin lungs.  They have also been attributed to cancer.  So we’d rather not use them on you!  I’m sure you would agree!

blue nail art

Cruelty free colours


Long lasting gel nails

We believe this is the best cruelty free nails product on the market. We love the fact it is a British based company and that it is vegan and cruelty free. The colour pigment is amazing, they have a whopping 360 colour choices! And it lasts up to 4 weeks!  That is great value for money!
We are currently featuring their new Summer collection, and we will be slowly switching out our old CND shellac nail polish.  We would love you to come in and experience our new cruelty free manicure.
Come down to visit us.  Want to know how much for a gel manicure? Our nails price list is right here.

We are offering £10 off until the end of July if you mention cruelty free gel polish when you book

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+ Best haircare

The best haircare

The Best Haircare

We love bringing you the best haircare products from all over the world.  So we are very excited to have a new and exciting brand R+Co sitting on our shelves in Shoreditch right now.
R+Co is an American brand and also one of the best haircare brands you can find around at the moment.

Best haircare

R+Co haircare

The best haircare ingredients

Aside from smelling INCREDIBLE,  R+CO ticks all the boxes.
They use all the best haircare ingredients. Everything that goes in to the bottle is Vegetarian or Vegan, Cruelty free, Paraben and Sulphate free, Petrolium and Mineral Oil free. It even contains UV protection for your hair.
R+Co only uses premium ingredients and is one brand that truly does what it says on the tin.

What the stylists are saying…

Izumi thinks that ‘Twister’ the R+Co curl primer “is perfect for low maintenance curly haired people. It’s light in the hair and isn’t sticky.”

Pier says the shampoo is rich and luxurious and definitely worth a try.  “A little bit goes a long way with these products, so make sure you don’t overload your hair with product and give it a good rinse after conditioning”

Jordan totally recommends the finish of High Dive “It make blowdrying a breeze and leaves my clients with perfect frizz free hair, it’s even great to use as a leave in styling aid for ‘no fuss’ sleek hair..”

Vintage Maven Rosina is in adoration of the hairspray ‘Vicious’. She says “Apart from having awesome packaging, this hairspray is flexible enough to brush out vintage waves and strong enough to make a beehive be the ‘last updo standing’ after an evening at a speakeasy or an all night jive.”

Make sure you checkout the R+Co instagram to find out more.

Fancy trying them out?

Fancying trying out some of our new R+Co products? Book in for a blow dry before the end of June and we will give you £10 off if you quote ‘love R+Co’

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the best hair

R+Co best haircare range